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By Abigail McLain /

Asian Lady Beetle

Asian Lady Beetles have been mistakenly known as the “Ladybug” for years. When people think of the word Ladybug, some think about a cute children’s Halloween costume. Some people think about Valentine’s day. And then you have the other group of people who think of the word Ladybug and only think of them as a nuisance in and around their homes. What do you think of when you hear the word Ladybug?

Growing up, I thought of them in all of those aspects. I would see many Ladybugs when going trick-or-treating. Once I got a little older, I noticed they were very popular around Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love. Then, I started working in the pest control industry and very quickly realized that Ladybugs are honestly just a nuisance in and around homes. 

They are commonly found around the home whenever the weather begins to get cooler. Usually, this happens around October, unless you live in Tennessee and the weather is still warm up until early December. But the moment the air cools down, they begin to make their appearance. The trick to getting rid of Ladybugs is treating them with our Annual 9-Step Pest Control Treatment during the earlier months of the year when they are reproducing. When doing that, they’re less likely to invade your home in the fall.

If you fall into the group that think Ladybugs are a nuisance, get the problem taken care of before it becomes more of an issue. Call your friends at Pest Control Inc. at 615-622-2584. We will answer any questions you have about them, even if they are just a Halloween costume.