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By Abigail McLain /

Have you ever noticed these pests wandering around the exterior of your home and then trying to figure out how they got inside? The first time I saw a Stink Bug, I thought to myself, where in the world do these things even come from? I never see them until the weather gets cooler and then they vanish into thin air as if they were never here. To tell you the truth, that’s the nature of the stink bug.

Stink bugs are small. To compare, they are a little smaller than a penny. They do not cause any damage, however they do cause frustration from being a nuisance. The reason you never see just one of them, is because they give off an odorous chemical to attract more stink bugs to the area.

Through the summer months, they hibernate. Once it gets cooler outside, they begin searching for somewhere warm and safe to be. Unfortunately, they want to be in and around your home. If they are not treated quickly, they will continue to recruit their friends to become your company.

In Nashville, stink bugs are found everywhere. But Pest Control Inc. is able to get rid of those for you before it becomes more of an issue. Call us today at 615-622-2584!