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By Abigail McLain /

The right ventilation is critical to help control moisture and termites underneath your Nashville home. Moisture underneath your home could cause many problems, such as the formation of mold, mildew and fungal spores, your floors may begin to sag and rot, fungal spores will start to affect the air quality in living areas, any allergies or asthma problems become aggravated, and termites are more likely to infest damp and unventilated areas. If wood decay becomes too extensive, the only way to correct it is by completely replacing the wood altogether.

Many Nashville homes have foundation vents. However, most of them are not enough to properly ventilate underneath the home, or they become clogged over time which reduces their effectiveness. When vents work properly, they should be open during the warmer months and closed during the colder months. Having them closed during that time will help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. This is one of the problems with manual vents. Most Nashville homeowners do not regularly open and close their vents, resulting in poor ventilation. With manual vents, they are more difficult to regulate because temperatures vary greatly, year-round, in Nashville.

We have the solution! We have automatic vents, leaving you worry-free about what is growing underneath your crawlspace. These vents are temperature sensitive, meaning they will open and close depending on the changes in weather automatically. Installing these vents will ventilate your crawl space and help control moisture and termite damage, hands-free! They were designed to fully open at 70 degrees, and close around 38 degrees. They work day and night throughout the year on their own! These vents do not use any electricity, so the installation cost is your final cost!

The easiest way to make sure you have proper ventilation is by calling your friends at Nashville Pest Control, 615-622-2584. We will install these vents for you and make sure your foundation stays clear from excess moisture.