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By Abigail McLain /

There is nothing scarier than doing your spring cleaning, seeing a bunch of winged insects and thinking they may be termites. We are coming into the season for termites to start swarming, so seeing those winged insects could cause a big scare. However, many Nashvillians don’t know that there are also winged ants that could easily invade your home, as well. Today, we are going to share with you a few differences that you can look for if you see some winged insects in and around your home.

There are several differences that you can look for when trying to determine if your home invaders are winged ants or termite swarmers. The first thing you can look for is if the insect has a pinched waist or not. If it has a pinched waist, then you have winged ants. If the insect looks like it just has a long body, you have termite swarmers.

The second thing to look for is the sizes of the wings. When looking at the winged ant, their wings are not equal in length, whereas the termite’s wings are the same size. They differ in the coloration of their wings as well. Termite wings are more white, and the winged ant’s wings are more yellowish.

Termite swarmers do not travel far. So, if you see termite swarmers in and around your Nashville home, it indicates that a colony is nearby somewhere. While it may not indicate that you have an infestation, termites may be already eating at your home. Unfortunately, termites eat on the inside of your home where you can’t see. Also, if you are seeing termite swarmers, that means the colony has had time to mature. This means that the colony has been eating at your home for three to four years without you knowing.

Whether you are seeing termite swarmers or winged ant swarmers, call Nashville Pest Control at 615-622-2584 today. We will be able to eliminate either of those swarms for you!

winged ant vs. termite