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By Abigail McLain /

We have all heard the horrendous stories about brown recluse spiders and the effects they have on a human whenever they bite. There is nothing scarier than hearing your child come into your room and say that they have a bug bite, just to find out they were bitten by a brown recluse. So, let’s talk about the brown recluse and their bites.

Brown recluse spiders are some of the scariest spiders there are to have in your home. When you see them, they are a tannish brown color, and they have a shape on their back that resembles a fiddle or a violin. Some brown recluse spiders can become as big as a quarter. And, when they bite, they cause a bite wound that contains necrotic symptoms. Let’s take a look at what the bite looks like.

We have all probably seen how gross a brown recluse spider bite is, but those gross pictures are exceptions. The truth is, about 90% of brown recluse bites heal without any medical attention or scarring. However, the reactions to a brown recluse bite vary from person to person based on skin sensitivity. Many bites leave a small red mark on the skin and heal fairly quickly. Others who are bitten may experience a small white blister in the middle of the red mark, and the skin tissue around the mark may become hard. The skin may become blue, or grey in areas. In severe cases, the wound could become a “volcano lesion,” leaving your wound to open up, and could become as large as a human hand. If your skin becomes this infected, you should seek medical attention immediately. (Disclaimer: we don’t give you this information to scare you, but to inform you of what can happen when bitten by a brown recluse spider).

The brown recluse spider only bites when it feels threatened in any way. So to avoid threatening them, make sure to look in areas that they may be hiding. Some of these areas include wood or brush piles, attics, basements, or any room that contains a lot of stored items. They can also hide in clothing or blankets that have been left laying somewhere for a long time.

The reason having brown recluse spiders in your home is a big deal isn’t just because their bites are venomous, but that they reproduce quickly. Yes, their bites are dangerous, but they prefer to be reclusive and use their bite as a secondary protection plan. Brown recluse spiders easily adapt to the living conditions inside residential areas. This is partly the reason why they reproduce so quickly.

If you do see brown recluse spiders in your home, call your friendly professionals at Nashville Pest Control, 615-622-2584. Generally, we can provide a free estimate over the phone on eliminating these dangerous creatures in your home.