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By Abigail McLain /

It’s that time of year again to start preparing for mosquito season. No one likes to spend time outside gardening, grilling, or sippin’ sweet tea on the porch and becoming a meal for the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are one of the most bothersome spring and summer pests that come out and irritate Nashville homeowners. That is why we wanted to provide you with some tips to help prevent mosquitoes from being in your yard.

Mosquitoes do not travel more than 300 feet from where they hatched. So controlling the mosquito population can decrease the number of bites that you receive. One of the best ways to control mosquitoes is by removing any stagnant water in your yard. Below are some ways you can control the water source in your yard yourself.

Remove any standing water that may be in buckets, kid pools, potted plants, etc. Any object that can hold rainwater for more than a week will become a breeding site for mosquitoes. As soon as you can, empty those objects and store them away from water.

If you have pockets of water in your yard, fill them in. This will allow the rainwater to soak into the ground instead of collecting the water. Mosquitoes are attracted to light, as well. If you have lights on around the home, you will lure them into your yard. So, another tip for you is to turn your lights off at night or switch to yellow bug lights. These lights are not repellant, however, but mosquitoes are not attracted to them like most other lights. You can find these yellow bug lights at most home improvement stores.

One last thing you should consider doing to prevent mosquitoes is cleaning out your gutters. Just like objects in the yard can store water to make breeding sites, so can dirty gutters.

The best tip we can give you is to not let mosquito season catch you unprepared. Call our dedicated professionals at Nashville Pest Control, 615-622-2584. We will be able to spot any breeding sites that you may need to take care of, and of course, treat the mosquitoes.