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By Abigail McLain /

It is swarm season, which means many pests are coming out of hiding. More specifically, termites are beginning to swarm again. Many Nashville homeowners have never experienced termites in and around their home, and are unsure of what to do when termites are spotted. Luckily, Nashville Pest Control can answer the questions that may be swarming around in your head.

Fact number one: termite swarmers can fly. Seeing the termite swarmer is one of the most common indicators that there is a colony nearby. Termite swarmers are black with wings that are equal in size and shape. Swarmers also shed their wings. So sometimes, you may see just the wings lying around. When you see the termite swarmers, it means that they have broken out from their colony and are going to establish a new colony.

Fact number two: termites cause more damage than earthquakes, fires, and storms combined. Termites are the invisible enemy that invade from within, causing damage to old wood around your home, or the wood that is holding your home together. It is important to know if you have termites because you could be facing damage repairs that could become quite costly. According to the Cardillo Law Firm, termite damage costs Americans estimated repair costs of $1 billion each year. That’s a lot of money!

Fact number three: Swarm season can vary depending on the year. There isn’t necessarily a defined date that termites begin to swarm; it depends on the temperature, weather, and moisture. When it gets warm outside, they will begin to swarm. And when it gets colder, they tend to focus on growing their colony.

Fact number four: Whenever you do see termite swarmers in and around your home, it means that you likely already have a problem. Seeing termite swarmers indicates that there is a mature colony somewhere nearby, and you should have an inspection done immediately.

Fact number five: Nashville Pest Control can eliminate the termite colony destroying your home. We can also help prevent termites from eating your home again, year after year! Call us today at 615-622-2584 to schedule a free inspection.