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By Abigail McLain /

Have you been noticing bees flying around your yard lately? Maybe they aren’t flying around your yard, but around your wooden deck or porch? Have you noticed some wood frass around these areas or holes in the wood about the size of a nickel? If you have, then you might have a carpenter bee infestation.

Carpenter bees typically come out and start bothering Nashville homeowners around this time each year. Many people mistake them for bumblebees. However, they each have unique characteristics about them that set them apart. For instance, the carpenter bee has a shinier and hairless abdomen and only has a little yellow behind its head. The bumblebee has yellow stripes down its body.

Another difference between them is how, and where, they make their nests. The bumblebee burrows into the ground and nests underground. Whereas carpenter bees tunnel into wood to lay their eggs. Carpenter bees prefer to make their nests in unpainted, untreated softwoods; like cedar, pine and redwood. They can also make their nests in your eaves, siding, and/or roofs. The damage that these bees cause is not as destructive as termite damage, but they do cause some cosmetic damage. Female carpenter bees tunnel through the wood to lay their eggs. Year after year, they can return to those areas and either make new holes or reuse the previous holes.

To treat a carpenter bee infestation, you would need to treat the holes directly and then fill in the holes after the wood has had time to dry. The best thing to do is call Nashville Pest Control at 615-622-2584. Let us eliminate the bees around your home for you.