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Pests can be a nuisance in your Antioch home. We understand that it is important for you to keep your children and pets safe, and your home pest-free. Here at Nashville Pest Control, we strive to do both. That is why we provide a yearly service that eliminates many different types of pests including Oriental Cockroaches. With our yearly service, we thoroughly treat both the interior and the exterior of your Antioch home. Outside, we are essentially putting up a barrier around the house before the pests can even think about traveling indoors, while also treating any infestations our exterminators find while on site. We treat inside in hopes to control any infestations in the home that may appear in the walls, in the windows, and even in the attic. If you continue to see those pests after the given amount of time the exterminator provides, we will come back out with a $25 service call! Call Nashville Pest Control to schedule an appointment today!

Antioch Termite Control

Termites are very dangerous pests that require immediate attention and treatment once discovered. Termites aren’t dangerous to humans, but they are dangerous to your precious Antioch home. Any type of termite damage can lead to very expensive reparations and loss within a family. One of the best ways to control and prevent termites in your home is to call Nashville Pest Control today, and schedule an appointment for treatment and further information on your specific situation.

Antioch Bed Bug Control

Ever heard the saying, “Goodnight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite?" We all heard this as a child, but who knew that bed bugs were actually real, and they do bite you in your sleep? Nashville Pest Control is here to tell you that they are real, and they are a pest that is extremely difficult to live with. However, with our certified exterminators, we have the skill, the knowledge, and the equipment to effectively get rid of those bed bugs! Here at Nashville Pest Control, we provide a combination of heat and steam on all of your upholstery. Don’t sit around and get bites from these pests, call Nashville Pest Control and allow us to take care of that for you!

Why choose Nashville Pest Control?

Nashville Pest Control is a local company that services Antioch, and more. We believe in high-quality service, as well as high-quality employees. We believe that our customers deserve undeniable service that is performed in a timely, friendly, and in a “job well done" manner. Instill your trust in us to control and prevent your pest control needs today!