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We offer emergency and routine Bed Bug Control for residential & commercial customers starting at $795.

Fast, efficient, affordable Exterminating, with the highest quality service. Depend on us year-round to rid your home of bed bugs.

Nashville Pest Control’s satisfaction pledge. We pledge to give our customer the most convenient and reliable service at the highest level of quality. To achieve that end, we will expend whatever time, energy, expertise, and resources are necessary. We give our customers full value for there money each and every time we serve them. And in all cases, we will stand ready to honor Nashville Pest Control’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hotel Bed

Not sure if you have Bed Bugs?

Check the Quick Stats or take a look at our Pest Identification page for more information.

Bed Bug Exterminating Services can include:

  • Heat Treatments
  • Steam, Fumigation
  • Conventional Pesticide Applications

Heat & Steam Treatments 

Heat & Steam treatments are two of the best ways to exterminate bed bugs. Both heat & steam eliminate the entire lifecycle from egg to adult. Adding Fumigation to your service is an excellent way to get inside the walls of your structure.

Why choose Nashville Pest Control?

  • Heat Treatment
  • Steam Treatment
  • No hidden costs
  • Troubleshooting & Education
  • Mattress Steam Treatment
  • Upholstery Steam Treatment
  • Comprehensive Inspection
  • Technician Loyalty

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