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Old Hickory is located on the East side of Davidson county in Middle TN. Old Hickory has many favored and beautiful neighborhoods, who also can be invaded by pests. The families who live in the neighborhoods of Old Hickory place their homes on their top priority lists, which means they strive to keep their homes pest-free, clean, and safe while doing so. Nashville Pest Control values those qualities and strives to achieve the same goals as the homeowners.

We have been treating pests in the Old Hickory area since 1995, and our Old Hickory customers love our services. It is reliable, honest, environmentally friendly, and appreciated by many! We take pride in servicing the Old Hickory area, and we want to make sure that our Old Hickory customers are satisfied with a pest-free home, and a service they love. If you are looking to get rid of pests in your Old Hickory home, call the trusted professionals at Nashville Pest Control so they can help you protect your Old Hickory home from any type of pest you may be struggling with.

Ant Prevention

Ants, ants, and more ants. Ants seem like they are everywhere. They are annoying little pests that you can never seem to get rid of. Once you think you get rid of them all, more seem to come out of nowhere. Even though they are incredibly annoying, they are actually interesting creatures. You might even go as far to say they are kind of cool.

The hierarchy of the colonies are complex. The colonies consist of the queen, female workers, and males. The queen is obviously the highest on the food chain. Why else would she be called the queen? The males are ranked the lowest. They don’t even do any of the hard work. Their only job is to help the colony reproduce with future queens. Once their job is done, they die soon after. The rest of the females do all of the harder work that most people would assume the males would do. It is their job to protect the queen, defend the colony, and obtain the food.

But ants don’t just keep to themselves. The female ants take care of their own colony, but they also attack other colonies. They take over enemy’s colonies taking food and nesting space. They even take the ant eggs of the defeated colony, and those new ants become slaves for the colony. That makes ants a lot smarter than they seem.

Although they are incredibly smart and fascinating insects, it still doesn’t mean that anyone wants them taking over their home. If you find yourself struggling with an ant infestation, call Nashville Pest Control. They will take care of the problem for you.

Mosquito Control

We all would agree that mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests there are. While sitting outside, we are constantly swatting each other and trying so hard to keep the mosquitoes off of us. Mosquitoes don’t travel very far, but they are constantly in search for water and food. In fact, they can travel up to a mile just to find source of food. It is a very difficult task to get rid of mosquitoes, knowing that you cant get rid of the mosquitoes that fly in from your neighbors yard. However, you can help yourself by calling a trained and certified specialist to help you get rid of them, and to help you prevent them from future infestations.

One of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes in your yard is by reducing the amount of standing water. Mosquitoes only need about 1/4 of an inch of water to lay their eggs, so getting rid of any standing water will automatically eliminate the amount of mosquito eggs in your yard. Cleaning your gutters from leaves and limbs will help allow water to continue moving down the gutter instead of the water just sitting there and collecting mosquito eggs. Make sure that there aren’t holes, or cracks, or objects that are hollow enough to collect water. It is also important to change out any pet dishes, bowls, buckets, and/or kid pools.

You could do all of these things yourself in hopes it will eliminate all of your mosquito problems, or you could call Nashville Pest Control and let the professionals handle it for you.

Termite Treatment

Subterranean termites can do serious damage to your home. They can destroy the foundation, wooden support beams, insulation, and plastic plumbing pipes. To prevent them from taking over your home, make sure that water stays away from the foundation of your home. They are attracted to damp areas. Making sure water drains away from your home and preventing water from building up around your homes foundation. Replacing any damaged wood on the outside of your home will also do wonders in keeping subterranean termites away.

These termites require contact with soil. The build colonies underground. They move around through tunnels that they build. They also make protective tunnels out of mud so they can get to wood that is above ground. These tunnels out of mud are the tunnels you might see on the walls or the foundation of your home. You also might notice soil inside of wood where they have already eaten.

The swarmer termites leave already established colonies during the springtime. Once they find a new home, they shed their wings. The pile of wings looks like a pile of fish scales. You might find a pile of their wings on windowsills, but you have to check and make sure the wings are all the same length. If they aren’t the same length, odds are they aren’t from subterranean termites.

If you see any signs of subterranean termites, call Nashville Pest Control. They will take care of the problem in a way that no one else will.

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