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You know you have probably seen the different signs of pests around your home: droppings, frass, blood stains, swollen bites on your skin, spider webs everywhere, etc. And you’re probably annoyed that you keep seeing these signs all around your house. Well, look no further than right here, because Nashville Pest Control can help you effectively and safely get rid of pests in your Springfield home. We understand that your home is an investment, and we understand you want your investment to stay as perfect as possible. It’s hard to keep it perfect if you have pests running around everywhere. Call today for a quote on how we can help give you peace in mind that your investment will be pest-free!

Bed Bug Treatments

There are several signs that will show that your house is infested with bed bugs. There could be blood stains on pillow cases or bed sheets or you might find egg shells or shed skins in your mattress or box springs. Those things can be easy to miss though. One of the more obvious signs of a bed bug infestation is finding bites on your body.

Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. They lie in wait until you are sleeping and then they strike. They typically bite the parts of your body that are easily accessible during the night as in parts of the body that aren’t always covered, like your hands, your neck, your arms, and your feet. The bites may appear in groups and can even be in a line or a zigzag pattern. The bites can be either flat or raised areas and can become itchy, red, or blistered. The bites aren’t initially painful and sometimes it takes a couple days for symptoms to appear, so it may take a while for you to notice them. Everyone reacts differently to being bitten. Some people experience more noticeable symptoms, whereas others do not experience any at all.

If you think you have been bitten by bed bugs or notice any other signs that they are in your house, it is best to call Nashville Pest Control. It is the only way to completely get rid of the bed bugs.


There is nothing more gross than having a cockroach run across your kitchen counter while you are trying to cook. They tend to hide in small dark places where you can’t see them, and then they scurry around when you let light in. Roaches have been known to be invasive when there is standing water around, or there is filth, or sewer pipes/water pipes are broken. The best, and most efficient way to get rid of roaches is by cleaning, then doing some more cleaning, and then cleaning again. You can never be too clean when it comes to cockroaches. The second best thing to look for and fix are any water leaks, or standing water around. You want to make sure you get rid of all of that immediately. It will help your roach population decrease almost every day. If those two things don’t work for you, call Nashville Pest Control, and they will help treat your home for cockroaches. It is our job to help you get rid of the invasive pests, and being effective while doing so. We live by our motto that states: If the bugs come back, so do we.


There are many different things you can do as a homeowner to help prevent pests from entering back into your home. Most people don’t realize that they are actually giving pests an open door when they don’t catch things soon enough. For example, cracks in the foundation of the home. This is one of the biggest problems homeowners have. Cracks in the foundation of an home can allow access for pests to enter in without you even seeing them. You should also look at all of your doors and windows to make sure they are shut and there aren’t any holes in screens. You should always remove any standing water around the house. This will help with mosquitoes, roaches, and any bug who especially looks for water. Thirdly, you should keep your areas clean, the yard consistently cut short, and getting rid of the trash that may or may not be collecting in your outside trash cans. Bugs are attracted to all of that, and once they find it, they proceed to making their nests. For termites, remove any wood that is close to, or around your house; that is like giving candy to a baby. Why go through all of this trouble yourself when you can simply call Nashville Pest Control to help you get rid of them with treatments.

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