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Our premium pest control consists of eliminating many different pests.

  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Roaches
  • Wasps

The pests listed above are just a few to mention. With our premium pest control, we eliminate these pests and more! The greatest part about our service is that it is only $199 for an entire year! Our service is once a year, and if the bugs come back, so do we! Our service calls are $25 each time after the initial visit.

How it works:

Nashville Pest Control has an eight step process, with a bonus ninth step, as pictured to the left! First, we will inspect your home for any type of pests, and begin by treating your entire yard up to an acre. Secondly, we will treat any trees or shrubs in your yard. Thirdly, we will treat the foundation of your home. To complete our outside treatment, we appply product on the entire exterior of the home from the foundation to the eaves including around any windows. The bonus step includes our exterminators knocking down any spider webs from the exterior of your home.

After the outside treatment is complete, we treat the inside of your home. We start by treating inside the walls through the switch plates and wall outlets. We also treat your attic and basement/crawlspace areas. Thirdly, we treat under any major appliances. And finally, we treat inside cabinets and drawers. Luckily for our customers, there is no clean up necessary.


There are several benefits to joining the Nashville Pest Control community!

  • A name you can trust!
  • Satisfaction or your money back guarantee!
  • No smelly odors in your home!
  • Products are organic and safe for children & pets!

Call Nashville Pest Control today to find out more information on our prices and to schedule an appointment!