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Acrobat Ants


There are many different species of ants running around creating a nuisance for families just like yours. Acrobat ants are one of the many species of ants that invade homes in Middle Tennessee. They are very distinct ants based on the shape of their bodies. When threatened, they lift their abdomen above their heads as if performing an acrobat act. If you have acrobat ants running around your home creating frustration, call the real Nashville Pest Control today!

Appearance and Life-cycle:

Even though acrobat ants are a small species of ants, they create a huge nuisance in your home. The adult acrobat ants range in size from 1/6 to 1/8 of an inch. Their bodies are segmented, and their abdomens are what make them distinct from other species of ants. Their abdomens are heart shaped, and is darker in color than the rest of their bodies. They can also range in color from yellowish-brown to black. They are called acrobat ants because they can raise their abdomens above their heads whenever they are disturbed. When disturbed, not only do they perform a balancing act, they also let off a very unpleasant odor to pawn off predators. Their life-cycle is like that of most ants where the queens lay their eggs, the eggs hatch and become workers for the queen.

Habitat and Behavior:

Acrobat ants are usually found outside in damp and places, like in rotting logs and tree stumps. When invading inside the home, they like to stay close to damp areas, like around leaking areas. They like to make their nests around wood that termites and carpenter ants have already damaged. They will clean out the wood scraps that the termites and carpenter ants have left behind so they have room. Usually when people see the debris they clean out, they mistake acrobat ants for a termite infestation. Acrobat ants like to feed on sugary substances and meat, like honeydew. They also eat other insects.

Acrobat ants can enter into your home through several different ways, including cracks and crevices around door frames and windows, by crawling into through trees and shrubs that touch the home, or on utility lines.

Level of Danger:

Acrobat ants aren’t usually dangerous, however they are known to bite people whenever they feel threatened. They can strip the insulation away from wires, resulting in short circuits inside your home causing major headaches. They can contaminate any food source that they come in contact with. If you do see acrobat ants in your home, which could indicate that you have a leak somewhere since they are attracted to damp areas.

Signs of Infestation:

The most obvious sign of infestation is seeing a trail of these ants run across your floor. As stated before, they clean out debris from other pests tunnels so they can make their nests. If you see this debris around your home, that would be the second most obvious sign to tell you that you have an infestation of acrobat ants.


There are several things you could do on your own to prevent an infestation of acrobat ants. The first of these would be to trim away any trees, bushes, or shrubs from your house as this is a very easy access for the ants to enter into the home. The second would be to seal in cracks or crevices around the foundation of your home, doors, as well as windows. Thirdly, you could fix any water leaks, or rid of any standing water in and around the home. Fourthly, you should seal all of your food products in tightly closed containers, leaving no room for the ants to contaminate. And lastly, the best solution would be to call the real Nashville Pest Control and have them come out and eliminate the problem. They will also help you prevent future infestations.