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American House Spider


American house spiders get their name simply from where they live. These arachnids are found inside the home, creating a frustrating environment for you and your family. They are usually found in corners of ceilings, windows, or around doors. They are brown, or grey, in color. House spiders are not dangerous, however in some instances, there have been allergic reactions to their bite. The absolute best way to get rid of American house spiders is by having a professional come out and get rid of them for you—like the ones at Nashville Pest Control.

Appearance and Life-cycle:

As stated before, American house spiders are brown or grey in color, and they have markings that look like chevron lines across their bodies. They can be anywhere from 4-8 mm in length. Like most spiders, their bodies are separated into two different sections: the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Female house spiders can lay up to 4,000 eggs in her lifetime. As id one spider in your home wasn’t already enough! She doesn’t lay 4,000 eggs at one time, though. Each time she lays eggs, she deposits 250 into a silk sac that is flask shaped. While the eggs are in that sac, they undergo a series of instars—the males undergo six, while the females undergo around seven instars. Adult house spiders may only survive for about a year.

Habitat and Behavior:

American house spiders are typically found inside the home. They like to make their webs around windows, ceiling corners, garage doors, etc. They create their webs in hopes to catch their prey. However, they will continue looking for a good place to catch prey until they have found the perfect spot, therefore leaving several empty webs around the home. Usually, house spiders feed on other insects. In some cases, they feed on larger spiders, small reptiles, rodents, etc. It all depends on who has fallen into his trap.

Level of Danger:

American house spiders can bite if they feel threatened, or cornered in any way. Their venomous bite doesn’t usually affect people, but under some circumstances, an allergic reaction has occurred. However, because they are not necessarily dangerous, they are a nuisance around the home, and can cause a lot of frustration.

Signs of Infestation:

The most obvious indicator of an infestation of the American house spider is by noticing the increasing number of empty webs in the corners of your home. You can also tell if your home is infested with house spiders by simply seeing them around the house.


Common ways to prevent American house spiders is by sealing all cracks and crevices around the home, trimming back trees and bushes away from the house, making sure doors stay closed, windows and window screens are intact, etc. However, the best way to prevent them is by calling a trusted, and certified exterminator like those at Nashville Pest Control. Not only will they get rid of them for you, but they will help you prevent future infestations from occurring.