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Cigarette Beetles


The cigarette beetle is a type of stored product pest. Mostly, they are known for their humped appearance. Typically, they cause problems in grocery stores and food processing plants. They can easily enter your home in products from grocery stores that have already been infested. This pest is not dangerous, just annoying. Because they can infest so many different things, it is necessary to call professionals, like those at Nashville Pest Control, if you think your home is infested.

Appearance and Life-cycle:

The cigarette beetle’s head is bent at a right angle, which gives it the humped appearance it is known for. It is an oval shape. It can be a red, yellow, or brown color. They have wings are strong fliers. They are only 1/10th of an inch long.

The eggs can be found in dried goods, like cereal, flour, dried flowers, tobacco products, and dried pasta. The larvae are white or yellowish color. They have a dark brown head. Their body is similar to that of a grub. When it is time for them to turn into adults, they will spin a cocoon. To go from an egg to an adult can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Development can be slowed down or even stopped at cooler temperatures.

Habitat and Behavior:

Cigarette beetles typically enter the home inside products bought from stores that have already been infested with eggs. They will not only infest dried food products, like pasta and flour, but they will also infest books, spices, leather, and silk.

If cigarette beetles are disturbed, they will play dead.
They are active in the late afternoon and cloudy days.

Level of Danger:

These pests are not dangerous, but they are incredibly annoying if they do infest your home.
Unfortunately, they are known for causing problems in food processing plants and grocery stores.

Signs of Infestation:

The most obvious sign of a cigarette beetle infestation is seeing the actual bug around your home or seeing holes in food packaging. They typically chew their way out of infested materials, leaving holes in packaging.


The best way to prevent cigarette beetles from entering your home is to inspect products that they lay their eggs in before you buy them at the store. It is also important to make sure all cracks are sealed near windows and doors.

Finally, if your home does become infested, make sure to throw out any infested products. It is important to do a thorough inspection, because they can infest so many different things. It is best to call a professional, because if you miss cigarette beetles when treating the problem on your own, then they can re-infest your home quickly. So, if you think your home is infested, call Nashville Pest Control to get rid of them for you.