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Ghost Ants


Ghost ants received their name because of the size and the pale color. They are tropical ants, but are easily transported. They can be a huge problem in homes, because they will live both inside and outside. Although they do bite, it is very rare and typically does not produce much of a reaction. The biggest problem with a ghost ant infestation, other than annoyance, is the possibility of diseases being transmitted. If you think your home might be infested, call Nashville Pest Control to get rid of these pests for you.

Appearance and Life-cycle:

Ghost ants have a pale color with a dark head and thorax, which can make them hard to see. They are only 1.3-1.5mm long. They are related to the odorous house ants, so they give off a coconut odor when crushed.

Habitat and Behavior:

Ghost ants are tropical ants, but are easily transported in boxes, crates, plants and household goods. When living outside, they build their colonies in the ground beside stones, logs, and firewood piles. They eat honeydew from plant feeding insects.

They can enter your home through utility lines or limbs of trees and bushes that touch the house. Once inside, they nest in flower pots, behind baseboards, and inside wall voids. They usually eat sweets.

The colony can split into several nests, because they create new colonies by budding. Budding is when the queen and a few worker ants leave the current colony to begin a new one.

Level of Danger:

The strongest threat the ghost ant poses is transmitting diseases. They have been known to bite, but it is not common. They typically only bite if the nest is threatened, but the bites produce little to no reaction.

Signs of Infestation:

Ghost ants don’t leave trails or other signs of their presence the way other ants do. The clearest sign of an infestation is seeing the ant in or around your home.


The best way to prevent a ghost ant infestation is the same things you would do to prevent a variety of other pests from entering your home. Keep firewood piles away from the home. Seal all the cracks in the foundation and any that are near doorways and windows.

These ants will split off from the main colony to build other colonies, making them hard to control. If there is a chance that your home might be infested with ghost ants, or any other type of pest, call Nashville Pest Control to identify and treat the problem for you.