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House Mouse


The house mouse is an annoying pest that can enter your home when the weather cools. They are grey or brown in color with short fur. They use holes in walls or the foundation to enter your home. Once they enter and feel comfortable in their new environment, they typically will not leave again. If they do enter your home, it can be dangerous, because they carry many different diseases. They might also cause structural damage to your home. There are many signs of a house mouse infestation, including their droppings and hearing them scratching or gnawing in the walls. If you think your home has been infested, call Nashville Pest Control.

Appearance and Life-cycle:

The house mouse is 5 ½ to 7 inches long. They have large ears, small dark eyes, and short fur. They are grey or brown with a light tan belly.
These mice are also known for their ability to reproduce quickly. Females can produce up to 8 litters per year, which average 6 pups per litter. These mice are pregnant for 21 days. The pups are born naked, blind, and dependent on their mothers. After 21 days with the mother, the pups begin to slowly venture off. They will begin mating when they are 6 weeks old.

Habitat and Behavior:

These mice typically enter homes during the fall and winter. They use cracks and holes found in walls, floors, and in the foundation. The house mouse also uses gaps in windows or ceilings and sewer lines. Once they establish themselves inside, they typically do not venture outside again.

Level of Danger:

These mice can carry diseases that can infect humans. The house mouse can also contaminate food with salmonellosis. Unfortunately, they are carriers of hantavirus and leptospirosis and lymphocytic diseases. They can also damage your home by chewing through dry wall, structural supports, plumbing pipes and electrical wires.

Signs of Infestation:

There are several possible signs of a house mouse infestation. The most obvious sign is a sighting of the house mouse. They are typically active during the evening, but can be seen during the day. Another sign of an infestation of mice is their droppings. Their droppings are rod shaped and pointed on both ends. Their droppings can be mistaken for cockroach droppings, but there is one main difference. The droppings of a house mouse will have hair in it from where they clean themselves. Their droppings can be seen anywhere the mice might have traveled.
These pests can leave footprints behind as well. There is a pattern of a 4-toed from foot and a 5- toed back footprint.

You can also see their nests in material that has a dark and protective environment, like insulation. The nests will have openings or tunnels that do not have dust or cobwebs, but can have droppings.

It is also possible to hear them gnawing and scratching within the walls during the evening hours. You might also hear them running across the ceiling.

These rodents use their urine to communicate with each other. If the population is high enough, you might notice an odor from their urine.


There are several things you can do to keep these pests from entering your home. They can enter your home through holes in the foundation or roof, so make sure these are sealed. Also make sure holes near pipes and wires are sealed. Repair any water leaks in the home. You should also keep all food in sealed containers and garbage cans away from the home.

If you think your home has been infested with the house mouse, call Nashville Pest Control to get rid of the mice for you.