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Indian Meal Moths


The Indian meal moth is just one of many different types of stored product pests. They are also called pantry pests and food infesting pests. The Indian meal moth is small, but has a distinct pattern on their wings. The eggs are laid in many types of dried food. These pests are not dangerous to you, but the larvae will contaminate your food. The adult Indian meal moths actually do not feed, they will simply fly around your home and be an annoyance. If you think your home might be infested with this or any other type of pest, call Nashville Pest Control to get rid of them for you.

Appearance and Life-cycle:

Indian meal moths are about half an inch long, but their wingspan is about 5/8 inches. The rear half of their wings are bronze, copper, or dark grey, while the front half is a yellowish grey. There is a dark band separating the two halves. The pattern on their wings distinguishes them from other moths.

The females lay their eggs in cereal, pasta, and other types of dry food. The larvae are cream colored, but they can also be yellowish-green or pinkish.

Habitat and Behavior:

The most common way these pests enter your home is when you buy products that are already infested. These pests can inhabit a wide range of dry food: pet food, birdseed, cereal, bread, pasta, rice, flour, etc. They might also hide in dried plant and flower wreaths.

Because they can fly, they might be found in other areas of your home, not just in the kitchen. They typically rest during the day. Something unique about the Indian meal moth is that the adults do not feed.

Level of Danger:

These pests are not dangerous to you, but they do contaminate your food. Most of the damage comes from the larvae when the spin silk that holds fecal pellets and cast skins in the food products.

Signs of Infestation:

The most obvious sign of an infestation is seeing the moth fly in a zig zag motion around your home. You might also see signs of the larvae in food products.


The best way to prevent these pests from infesting your home is to inspect items before you buy them at the store. It is also important to seal cracks in cabinets or anywhere else food is stored, because the larvae can hide there.
If you do see signs of the Indian meal moth in your home, make sure to get rid of all infested products. Then, call Nashville Pest Control to make sure the problem is completely taken care of.