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Oriental Cockroaches


Oriental cockroaches, also known as the water bug, are the dirtiest of all cockroaches. They are almost black in color. You can differentiate between the males and the females because the males are much smaller than the females. The males also have wings, while the females do not. These cockroaches have adapted well to living outdoors. They prefer wet, dirty, areas with cool temperatures. Because they transmit diseases, if you see any oriental cockroaches in your home or on your property it is important to call professionals, like those at Nashville Pest Control, immediately.

Appearance and Life-cycle:

Oriental cockroaches are an oval shape and have a dark reddish brown, almost black coloring. Males are smaller, only 25mm long. They have three quarter length wings, which leaves the last few abdominal segments exposed. Although they have wings, they cannot fly. They live anywhere from 110 to 160 days. Females are longer, measuring 32mm long. They do not have wings, but their wing pads covers segments of the body. The live anywhere from 35-180 days. Females can produce 8 egg cases with 16 eggs in each case. The egg cases are dark brown or reddish in color. In the warmer months, it takes 200 days to develop into an adult, but in the colder months it takes up to 800 days.

Habitat and Behavior:

Oriental cockroaches prefer dirty places and cooler temperatures. They have adapted to living outdoors. Disgustingly, they live in sewers and wet, decaying areas. In addition, live under mulch, leaf litter, beneath stones, or debris. These roaches use sewer pipes and drains to travel. They can enter your home through cracks in doors, open doors, or gaps in siding. Inside your home, they live in wall voids and crawl spaces. In cities, they live in storm drains and sewers.

To survive, they need water. They can go for about a month without food, but they can only go about 2 weeks without water.
During the day, they can be found in dark, hidden places. They are typically active at night.
They eat all types of garbage and other organic material.

Level of Danger:

Oriental cockroaches are known for transmitting diseases. Because they eat garbage and decaying organic matter, they get the pathogens from various diseases and carry them as they move around.

Signs of Infestation:

During warmer months, you will most likely find them in your landscaping. You might also smell a musty odor if the population of cockroaches is high enough.


All cockroaches are drawn to clutter, so if you want to avoid a cockroach infestation, keep your home free of clutter. Vacuuming frequently also helps. Removing moisture by sealing leaky pipes is also important. Make sure to seal the cracks in the foundation and near the doors, so they do not have a way to get inside your home.